Toyota Prius with Indigo

1 hour of rendering with indigo 0.6test1

HDR map used.
Still working on the carglass issues…
too drunk…

btw, seen our new site ???
it’s not finished yet though…



Congratulations, this picture appear real :slight_smile:

I’m testing Indigo, and when I’ll grow up I want to be like you :stuck_out_tongue:

A big hug!

indigo is doing awesome. btw, is that your design?

nope, it’s a model obtained from my employer for this job.

i’ve no time to model anymore…
took me 3 hours to create the scene and assign the materials in blender.


So what does ingido do? It seems like it makes the photos grainier… does it render any faster?

Essentially it’s a trade-off: ease-of-use and render quality for render time and (if lacking) grain.

Check for details.

nice result. very good model.
for some reason, indigo 0.6 t6 keeps crashing on my pc :confused:

ps:check my WIP indigo car thread

Radiance, did you this tutorial?


Cool model!!Nice details, but the tyre is flat!Look like “toy tyre”…

Wow amazing just looks like a real picture.

Yeah about the graininess of indigo…the grain will go away if you wait long enough. I did a very simple one and it took 3 hours before it was completely crisp. So for quick renders use Yafray, and for your final render use Indigo.

Really a great pic. And this is a work in Progress? What else could you possibly do?!

yes, and the whole site too


what’s up with the reflections on the windshield?

  			Originally Posted by <b>cogitas3d</b> 					[![](]( 				
  		<i>Radiance, did you this tutorial?


yes, and the whole site too

Oh! Congratulations so!!! It’s a amazing work.