Toyota Supra MK5 Environment & Light Study

This Pinup was created as a Light & Environment Study, for a closed, dense, atmospheric Environment including the Toyota Supra MK 5

How I created it:
references were collected with PureRef, to get a general sense and feeling of the Environment I wanted to create

Then I created an Industrial Production & Manufacturing site and Imported my Supra

Then I created a camera angle and set up lights, I figured it would be good to present the car & the environment from a lower angle shot

I imported more assets into my scene, I adjusted accordingly to the camera and introduced a volume into my scene to make it feel more atmospheric

and after adding more details and even more assets to fill up the environment I added a Blanket ontop of my Supra with a simple cloth simulation, but I disliked it so it was removed afterwards

I then tried another composition using a 3D Scan from Sketchfab (link at the bottom of my post) but strongly disliked the result of that so it was also removed afterwards

and we now reached my Final Composition, without the Blanked and the 3D Scan as a background element.
Colour Grading was done in Davinci Resolve

Final Composition

Solid View inside Blender

Square Thumbnail

Please feel welcome to critique & review my art!

My Artstation:

Sketchfab 3D Scan: Dennis Posed 004 - Male Standing Business Model - Download Free 3D model by Renderpeople (@renderpeople) [e211ffd] - Sketchfab


Great work, congrats.

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Nice work, great background.

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You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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