Toyota Supra TRD.

My latest project.

Materials from my car library. My first attempts at using them with Yafray, thus the pixelating in places.

UV mapping is not exact, need to tweak some more me thinks.
Headlights are just glass lenses at the moment, modeling to come.

Comments, crits and advice appreciated as usual.



So Sonix, when are gonna have the car show? :slight_smile:

You get better with each car dude. Awesome stuff.

No crits at all. Looks perfect. Even the paint material. :wink:


I really don’t have any crits, really. I just dont like the car at all.
I can’t complain about the model. However it doesn’t raise any feelings in me either. Good modelling :stuck_out_tongue: . I just don’t like the car ;).

Great stuff, sonix! I second the call for a car show ;).



grr you beat me to it heh. had this one on the back burner for a long time now and never got to it (just got the door and part of the hood done). i think there is more of a scoop in the lower part of the door though that leads into the vent. :slight_smile: love how this is turning out.

also noticed that the posts for the windows are not defined and the back/side window has a thick rubber piece around it. slap the quarter pannel mirrors on and and a roll cage and unleash this beast.

Fonix and Blockcube, thanks my friends. Once I have a computer capable of rendering all of my cars at once, within a month, then maybe a car show would be possible.

I’ve always had a long term plan to make an animation using all of the cars I make. Perhaps it should start at a car show. :smiley: I have a friend who is working on a city for the cars to race round.

BgDM, thanks mate. I had meant to put BgDM approved on the material name for the paint, in the material library. :smiley:

Falgor, thanks. I’m grateful for your reply. Maybe with a better render or two I could sway your opinion on the car. :wink:

digitalSlav, I’ve also been waiting to make this one. :wink: You are quite right about the door moulding into the vent, I’ll have another rework.

The windows are just glass at the moment, I’ll sort the rubber whilst finishing the interior. (Roof lining, door linings, pillar linings, dash etc.)

Quick rear render at the bottom of this page.

A few more tweaks to come, left a render going and will post this tomorrow.

Thanks for the advice, keep it coming.


Bit worried about the perspective on your exhaust pipes mate - looks a bit out to me :Z

na really, totally impressed Sonix, nice one :smiley:


Tell you what this is one of the many time I wanted to reply to your car posts.
Every time got to your site looking at models I was disappointed with very slow creepy pace of the page and never got to see the complete pic before I quit.

I finally decided to sit for while, Ahemm… quite a while and finally saw your work. Very good. :smiley:

Ok Go back to yafray render they simply rock. Grey and yellow are not my choice of colours. Uv mapping does not appear to have completed. All in all your work was impressive.

Waiting %| for its to get complete in some scene :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey George, nice to hear from you again. Must re-tweak those pipes, you’re right.

Hi Gaurav, thankyou for being patient. :wink: I try to keep the size of my renders to 95kb on average. Unfortunately, when there are a few on the same page, the download speed becomes rather slow. I should maybe sort out some thumbnails instead, which can link to singular images instead of all of them at once.

I shall change the colour as it’s not fitting for the car at the moment. The Castrol version will be white with red and green decals.

Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated.


hi Sonix, thank you, it’s good to be back - even if it is just to provide a counterbalance to all this praise you keep getting - thusly …

been doing some research,

can’t find a Toyota Supra TRD ANYWHERE that has pipes that look like milk bottles …

but gold … mmm, nice :wink:

Just jesting my friend, your work’s brilliant as usual :slight_smile:

Woa, very cool model. I love the supra and with it this model. There is one point of critics btw: personally I find the exhaustpipes quiet, ehm, ugly :frowning: I don’t know why exactly, prehaps the size, shape and reflections (material)

Don’t take it personal, I love the rest of the car! :smiley:

Yes I see the problem, they’re not exhaust pipes at all. They are certainly reducing back pressure in the system, in fact a couple of milk churns might improve things a bit. :wink:

Excuse:- I appended an engine from another project, which had these unfinished pipes on the end of it. :expressionless:

Must finish this asap. Just a shame the renders take so f***in’ long. :<

Thanks for the comments,