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A tarzan would probably have been a better choice, but aside from that it looks good :wink:

:stuck_out_tongue: Nicely done

Thats wrong dude, just wrong…

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post on topic or don’t post at all.

Very nicely done! the modelling is nice, and I like the mood you created with the lighting. Good job. The pillow looks a bit too solid maybe. Try making it “flows” better with the bed shape. Usually pillows “fall” on themselves, so they are flat on the bed and more rounded on top. looking nice :stuck_out_tongue:

It is a nice rendering. looks like a lot of work involved. The material folds, lighting, color, etc…, but my goodness, it is not what I expected. I don’t object to this kind of stuff, but er… um…, the younger crowd may not like it, and the older crowd may be too prudent to accept it.

thanks :slight_smile:

sorry it was on czech weekend chalenge on theme Toys and games…for me good idea.
I will add some new objects and finish it.

Hey that’s my underwear and toy! You stole it from me! :o

Just kidding! The image is very awesome. I like all textures and lighting… very nice. The color of it really promotes the feeling of romantic mood… kinda like being in a room full of candles.

I just had to take multiple looks at it. Not something you see everyday. I agree that the pillow needs to be “smoother”. :expressionless:

Honestly, I see nothing wrong per say with the image, the content is fine by me, if you have a problem with it, don’t look at it. As for the pillow, I actually have a few special shaped pillows that contour to your neck and they hold there shape no mater what, so if you really want to mess with the pillow shape fine but I don’t think you need to.

How is a shampoo bottle and a hat “toys and games?”

Maybe my girlfriend can explain this one to me…

EDIT: DP (double post)

That’s the gayest light-saber I’ve ever seen but it seems to have a steady grip and wont slip with those bumps.

small update…for next version i have one good idea :slight_smile:

new version.

I realy liked this one… lol… funny :smiley:
The panties look very flat (2D) though!

That’s not even a pillow, it’s a cushion. And the panties being just a texture looks really bad. Otherwise it’s very good.