ToysRUs Intro Remake

Hi All,

When I saw this seasons ToysRUs TV commercial I thought it might be fun to try and recreate the intro portion using Blender 2.65.

Here is my attempt, it is not exactly the same as the original.

The original video:

I found an SVG version of the ToysRUs logo on Wikipedia.

Two toy models came from Blendswap:

The Toy Train was modeled by Joseph CC-BY

The Camaro Hot Wheels Car was modeled by OLEEBLOOD CC-BY-SA

to get all of those yos in the intro is a very challenging task to take on in itself, but to see a couple of toys in it and to see how accurate you got it in your own way, that’s awesome dude.

Love it dude!

This looks great, I actually think that I like your framing more than the one in the commercial. However, your ‘earth bounce’ has a delay when it contacts the star, where in the spot the object has some deformation and more immediate vertical acceleration.

It looks realllly good though!

Thanks for the feedback, this one was quite fun to make!