TPS game movement&animation configuration HELP!

Hello !
I started to create a third person shooter game ,my project now stand about :
I have a dynamic cube with motion nodes for the movement, all another objects parented to this
An armature with Idle and run animation .
A plain axes with script ,what enables the camera movement vertical and with cube rotation in horizontal.

I want to make ,if i press a key (WASD) the armature is play the animation facing in that direction during press the key
Example : If i press “D” key then the armature facing in the cubes right side .
This too if i pres two keys in same time ~ W+D

Can i make this with gamelogic or python needed to it ? ( i can’t write python scripts)

Cube :
Armature :
Plain axes :
what i want :

Thanks to help ahead !

you can use logic,

if kepress w------------and------------action walk forward
if keypress A invert-/
if keypress D invert/

so that translates to, if your holding W , and not A or D play walk.

this way you dont mix animations

alternative - animate your walk, but dont keyframe the rotation on the root bone

then walk right is just rotate root bone 90 degree (not a walk cycle)

and when you mix walk+ that keyframe… it walks right 90 degrees

I dont think i understand u right . So if i press invert then it replaces the idle animation with ther run .

With the 2nd option i have that problem , if i move/rotate root bone that doesnt moves/rotates all bones of armature, so this method doesnt good for me :S

Maybe cant set that armature copys one modells rotation and add actuators for that modell ?

rotating the root bone should rotate the whole armature, you must have something parented wrong,

and the keypress invert is for this

if your pressing w and not s or d -----------and ------play walk

if your pressing w and d, but not S --------and-------play walk forward right

if you pressing W and A but not S---------and-- play walk forward left

if your pressing d, and not w or s------and------play strafe right

otherwise it would play walk forward and walk forward right and walk right if you press w+d.

This is python ? I dont know how to write full python script :S

Would be the best if i remake the armature and try that root bone thing