"TR" check it out

im making a game called TR (the redeemer) might change the name thought, but so far their is a almost half done and their is nothing else to do but move around but i will eventually make objects to fight and finish the first level. so here is the link:
www.megaupload.com/?d=R438H4D3 -this is for the game itself
www.megaupload.com/?d=S9RXECU6 -this is for the texture

in order to make the texture work in the game u must put the textures itself into the folder where the game and extensions are and then click the game icon.

Tell me what you think so far and i know its not perfect

hint: dont explore the evironment until u r done with the house cuz the stairs to get on the house is not yet complete.

you could have put them into the file with file->pack data

i know i forgot to put them in their

[!] Mega upload-is shit! 1.7 Kb/Sec :<