"TR" updated

This is an update of the the game TR my project i’v been working on for a while.


Keep in mind that it is still not that far along because of the fact that i restarted the project THREE time already. I made two settings for the place, but they look like crap so i took them out. The controls and such are in the read me and I named some bugs with it so play it and tell me what you think.

ok, i want to continue the animations, special effects, and AI but i want to know, for those how tested this, how was the combat so far and what were the bigger problems you found with it. I dont want to move on and make a big mistake and start over again so point out the bug and i will fix it early.


It lags really bad on my computer, enough that it is unplayable. Your models should be much lower poly. The characters also appear to be naked (but i suppose this is what you mean by disfigured clothes). Model the clothing right on the character to save on polys and avoid this error.