Traceback error

I was making my own Jazz Jackrabbit 3d model and when I was trying to generate rig and this error message popped-up

could it happen if someone use another character model mesh from different game?I heard it might cause ban(probably temporary)or permament because it’s against this forum rules,right?Anyway I rigged this model using single bones(it was working fine to me),but when I was trying to rig using basic sub-modes(basic human meta-rig and basic quadruped meta-rig)and human meta-rig rigged skeletal meshes were deformed and looked awful should I try importing skeletal meshes from Unreal Editor 4 Manequin model?

Can someoneone help me here?And also answer to me questions,please?Rest of rigging and animating steps I’ll do myself,but not everything myself.I’m not able to fix this error only by myself.I know everyone is doing here what they want,but you should help me.

Can someone at least tell me what I did wrong?So I’ll be able to solve this problem by your help.I will also try to not duplicate posts in the future.Maybe I should swap skeletal meshes from cancelled Unreal Tournament 2016 aka UT4.

Just add a metarig, adjust the bones and generate the rig, don’t delete existing bones, don’t change the hierarchy, don’t add bones between existing bones.

I’ll try it.Thanks and sorry for my impatience.

One more question which method I should choose in future?

I told you how to do it 2 posts above, so I don’t understand this question. Ask better.

So sorry.Which one method should I choose single bone or human meta-rig?At this time I’ll try to edit my comment if I’ll try to say something else.

What was you trying to do when it gave you the error? Did you delete or rename any bones? It looks like it’s trying to find a bone named “ORG-nose” and it can’t.

Well it was when I was trying to generate rig.Honestly I rigged only body even wrist bands,but not bag suspenders and bag itself.Does it mean this error message poppedup only because I didn’t rig it properly?

Just add a metarig, adjust bone positions and generate the rig. You can’t screw up that way.

I’ll try.Actually currently I’m interested to me only running animation just like in UrehBlenderAnime youtube tutorial.Should I follow his methods? Can someone answer my question,please?At least last one more time.

Well I tried it helped.It’s kind of working now as you see.Sorry for post duplication anyway.Meta rig is now too large as you see here.At least you helped me guys to solve first problem.