Track Constraint to Eye Model

:smiley: Greetings,
I have made an eyeball model like the tutorial, with seperate pieces, one texture image applied to the iris, and then all parts joined with ctrl-j.
That part was okay, but when I tried adding an empty and assigning track constraint to the eye mesh, it turned to face 90 degrees away. I read in the manual to clear rotation of the mesh object, so I did. The result ended up with the eye facing 180 degrees away on x axis, pointing directly away from the empty.
I then tried turning the eye mesh 180 before applying rotation/scale, and thought it had worked because the eye mesh now faced the empty. So I swing the empty around and render the eye, and find the eye’s iris texture is no longer radial in appearance, it had swapped to stretch as if it had to cover another eye as well. I know this because that’s what happened when I tried to mirror the eye instead of duplicating.
I solved my control issue by adding an armature through the eye and parenting, but I was wondering if anyone had any pointers to solving the track to constraint to empty issue. Kind of reminds me of the need to 180 anything you want to warp.:o

Thanks for any help in advance!!


At the bottom of your “constraint” panel, there are some buttons which have “x,y,z” printed on them. I think you need to change those settings. I’m not sure exactly how they work, but it worked for me when I had the same problem with a camera.

Sorry I can’t be more specific, I’m a bit of a noob when it comes to constraints :confused: