Track correctly latticed object

Hi, I think I ca find an answer here. I have modeled an eye (blue) and it has an eyelid(purple). Both eye(blue) and eyelid(purple) are inside the lattice. But there is an eyelash and it’s outside of lattice, I would like the eyelash(black) to follow the lattice curvature and bend correctly. Please help me for solving this issue. Here are some pictures.

These 3 pictures of Eye, eyelash, eyelid and Lattice

And when I rotate them individually on Local X. And even I parent the eyelash (black) to eye (purple) it doesn’t work.

Try looking at the video posted here. Also you might want to make sure that the eye lash and eye lid are part of the same model.

This tutorial is not what I need. It’s all inside lattice, but if I would like to add eyelash as a mesh? Do I have to put it inside Lattice?

You will have to join the meshes together. Take the eyelash and then the eye lid and press Ctrl + J to combine them.

OK, I combined, but the eyelash also deforms inside the lattice.But I want the eyelash to be sticked to the tip of the eyelid without deforming. As you see the eyelash is also meshed, not particle :frowning:

you must join the eyelash to the eyelid, but create a vertex group that includes the eyelid and eye and only the base of the eyelash. then use the vertex group in your deform modifier.

I hope Vertex group will work out for me )

I think there is no easy solution, the vertex group might work…
What are you using the lattice for ?
Maybe you can adjust the eyelash (without lattice) using some corrective shape keys.

Or you can try to drop the lattice and rig the eye differently.

Good luck :slight_smile:

Here’s an idea I had. Maybe this will work, but it depends what exactly you want your rig to do…

Just on a cube here to test, but heres what I did:

  • Added empties to top front edge of cube at the vertices
  • Created a chain of bones across that edge, vertex to vertex
  • Vertex parent the empties to their corresponding cube vertex (edit: better make that an adjoining face)
  • Parent first bone to first empty
  • Added stretch-to constraint on each bone, pointing to next empty
  • Parent ‘eyelash’ to bones with automatic weights
  • Add a lattice to the cube

So now when the lattice is deformed it deforms the cube but the eyelash keeps its shape, only deforming along the bones.

Fiddly, but maybe this gets you closer to what you want.


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