Track Lights Add-on

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The Track Lights add-on can be used to point and track lamps on empties and objects making it easier to set them up in a scene. For now the it only orients objects and lamps using the z axis, which works for the starting rotation of the lamps when added.

Track Active Object: This will add the track to constrain to the selected object(s) using the active object as the target.

Point To 3d Cursor: This points or orients the selected object(s) towards the 3d cursor’s location.

Make Empty And Track: This will create an empty on the 3d cursor’s location and add the track to constrain to the selected object(s) using the empty as the target.

Make Lamp And Track: This will create a lamp (type based on set default value) and an empty on the 3d cursor’s location. The lamp will have the track to constraint using the empty as the target. The lamp will be active so you can just grab it to another location.

*Point lamp is included in case you want to change it to that type. It is omnidirectional and its orientation has no effect on how it lights the scene.

Starting defaults for the empty and lamps can set in the UI and is used for the Make Empty And Track and Make Lamp And Track commands.

UI will expose the lamp parameters if object selected is that type. If blackbody is used then the temperature parameter is displayed instead of color.

Clean Target Empty toggle will remove orphaned empties or those that are not being tracked by any lamp from the scene which helps avoid cluttering the scene. Toggle this off if same empty is doing something else for you.

Camera Depth of Field panel will show up when in camera view. Make Empty And Focus will create an empty (type based on set default value) on the 3d cursor’s location and use it as the camera’s focus object. Clean Focus Empty toggle will remove camera dof objects if they are type empty, turn this off if same empty is doing something else for you.

To install, copy both the .py file and the track_lights_icon folder to the add-on folder. !Both file and folder must be in the same location!


Render using Track Lights for lighting and Retro Filter for composite.

I’ve updated the add-on with the Clean Target Empty toggle which will remove orphaned or untracked empties from the scene to avoid clutter. Camera depth of field will also appear in camera view which allows for quick setting of dof distance using the Make Empty And Focus operator. It also has the Clean Focus Empty to avoid clutter. Get it here…

Video tut covering the basics. Made before recent updates.


I’v bought the addon, not installed yet but update seems good. One question: how not-tracked empties are handled? It will delete empties used by (f.e.) modifiers? If that the case (i’m not a coder btw) the script to handle that would be “delete empties created by the interface which are specifically named in a way to distinguish them from empties you’ll left untouched”.

That naming will come later. For now, watch out for empties that are doing something else for you.

Speeds. Creative Bundle + Track Lights + Retro Filter combo. Model to render: 30 mins.

So simple and so useful! Thanks!

  • Tracklights addon is nice, that made me realize that we have more control with lamps than HDRI. Good to have a few lights and a hint of HDRI in the light setup. Thanks.

Thanks for trying it out, guys. In the next few weeks, I’ll be working on porting the add-ons to 2.8 starting with Track Lights, there will be 2 files, one for legacy 2.79 and one for 2.8 just in case. Any new updates will also be included there.

Another speed finished with the Track Lights add-on.

Port to Blender 2.8 is finished. Product link will be updated soon…
Here’s this weeks speeds rendered in Eevee using the add-on.


Nice addon. Very helpful. Realy easy to create and control lamps.