Track Links not rotating around sprockets.

I down loaded a tank track example from another thread , now trying to get it to work.

Almost there but so far it seems.

Any help would be awesome.flex-track.blend (4.72 MB)

Kind of fixed it by not getting in a hurry.
Replaced the tank track and the tank sprocket with my models and straighten the path out.
Tweaked the timing.

OK, so I have looked at your file and sorted most of the problems… :eyebrowlift:

Here it is: flex-track.blend (4.69 MB)

However, there are still issues, I am not sure where you got the track mesh from but it is full of ugly Tris - three sided polygons - Blender likes Quads - four sided polygons.

You had vastly over complicated the method of getting a track to follow a curve, I have corrected this. I have also put all the other stuff on layer 20.

Just press Play to see it working. I noticed you had unapplied rotations on some of the meshes - this is not good, all Meshes and Armatures, when you use these, should have their rotations as 0 in a rest state, i.e. don’t go rotating things in Object Mode - do it in Edit mode. Apply rotations and scales by keying CTRL+A => Rotation and Scale. Scales should be 1 for each value.

Cheers, Clock. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot clockmenter,
Yeah, at my day job in engineering im forced to use SolidEdge the models are imported as STL files.
I’ve only made this for a proof of concept.

Thanks Again.

clockmenter , it looks great but I cant have the mesh bending around the sprocket.

I was getting that initially but then went with the “tank_Vimeo.blend” download file.

But again its only a proof of concept for a conveyor.

I dont see that file anywhere, can you post it and I will take a look. Not got a sod of a lot of time just now, but leave it with me, I did not think the mesh was bending, but I’ll take another look.

Cheers, Clock.

Sorry its called “tank.track.blend” , I cant seem to find who made it to give them credit.

Leave it with me - in bed with flu now so it may take a while…

Cheers, Clock.