Track match Blend TRBL

Well I’m following the track match Blend very closely the first set of lessons involving the plasma gun on the guys arm. I have a soldier with a rifle and I’m trying to attach a bayonet . 3d bayonet made in blender. Every thing was going well i got the cube attached to the rifle and it moves nicely. Now that i want to attach my bayonet i can’t seem to rotate it or scale it. Also the bayonet has its origin point outside of itself i can’t seem to get it back within the bayonet. In the video he’s scaling the hell out of the plasma gun lol. I also can’t scale the cube UNLESS I’m in edit mode. I wonder if it has to do something with the object constraint. Anyways I’m on a pc windows 7 and I’m using blender version 2.73.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

well thanks to this forum i got it i clicked the object and pose mode only button by accident its located next to the pivot point button! I sure wasted a lot of time today on that lol.