track point not working with live cd

i got a dyne:bolic 1.4 live cd but it is not working well on my thinkppad r40 i can load it up but the trick point is not working well and i need help

Here is a photo of Jaromil (the creator of Dynebolic) warsailing with a laptop:

Clicky Clicky

So, I’ll bet he’d be a good person to ask about that. Why don’t you post this message to the Dynebolic mailing list? Go here:

In the mean time, can you get a mouse to work if you plug it in?

Btw, Windowmaker has keyboard shortcuts, like I think F12 opens the main menu.

new ibm no mouse can plugin that i have and i did not post in that bc i have got all my help in herre

Then it sounds like you need to find a mouse, or borrow one :slight_smile: