Track Position Node + Transform node = how to connect?

Hello, do any of you tryed to connect the “Track position node” do the “transform node”
I would like to align a moving image in the center of the screen.
I’m making some tracking in the Clip editor.
Then I multiply the “X” value from the “track position node” by -1 using the multiply node.
Then I connect the mutiplyed value to a tranform node and blender keeps crashing in that moment.
Maybe somebody have an idea how to center a movie. Maybe i’m thinking in the wrong way.
Thanks in advance

First up, im not sure exactly what you mean by aligning it to the center of the screen, that would mean that its static, and you wouldnt need any tracks… but assuming you want to align it to a track, you are nearly on the right path… Try something like this

Why not use stabilise?

Thanks doublebishop for your reply.
i’m filming a hostess from a tripod. The camera is not moving. During a 1 minute video she is moving a little bit, but i want to have her right in the same spot. That is what i’m trying to achive.
I think it’s a bug on my system or blender. I can’t make the connection you made because blender is crushing in the moment when i’m connecting the “add node” to the “transform node”. Maybe the tracking is wrong. I’ll try to test some other combinations.

3pointEdit: if other methods won’t work i’ll need to try stabilise. or maybe it’s the easiest way? :spin:

You can check if the track is right by turning on the lock button in the tracker. It will centre to the tracker you have selected.