track single bones

how can i track a single bone to another object?

Bone Constraints? Haven’t used them 'till now, but it sounds logical.

EDIT: There even is a »Track To« Constraint among the Bone Constraints. Now if that doesn’t sound promising!

Stay fresh, stay dumb, bloke! :cool:

is that accessable over the game logic bricks? i want a character to look at an object when he is near to it. i think i cant use a track to actuator.

like in counter-strike, i want a character to walk in a different direction than he’s looking.

C.A. is mostly correct. He is referring to the Armature actuator - select that actuator, the bone, and the constraint that you want to use.

I cant find an actuator named ‘armature actuator’. does it exist in blender 2.49?

yes, i really like 2.5 and it’s features, and I am looking forward to using it, but i am currently working on a game in 2.49, so it is not quite easy to switch to 2.5 since not all components are compatible.
but thanks, I will try the tutorial.