Track teaser clip - 3D animation


I’m looking to create a 10-20 second teaser clip for the release of a track. We are thinking to create some dark landscapes / forests which can be tracked around with clips of the music playing over it. For this particular track the idea of trees turning to ash is something we have bounced around, but we are quite open to ideas creatively.

If we can find someone who is good fit we would be looking to commission quite a lot of work over 2021. In addition to more teaser clips we would be looking to move on to creating 3 minute visuals for full tracks with characters / incorporating the artist etc.

Please reach out with examples of your work that you feel may demonstrate the sort of thing we are looking for. Ideally include some indication of likely time frames and cost. More than happy to jump on call to discuss further.

We are based in the UK so the closer geographically the better to ensure we are on a similar timezone for easy communication. Obviously for the right artist we can always make it work!

We look forward to seeing what you’ve got!


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