Track To and Rotation around track axis

Hi guys.

I used the Track To constraint, and I want to rotate the tracked object (as shown in the image attached), around the X axis. After the Track To, it´s impossible to do it. Any clue about that?

Thanks in advance.

Just create another empty to parent the object to. Add the Track To constraint to the new empty, and remove it from the object itself. Then you can rotate the object independently even as it follows it’s parent.

Thank you, Cire! I feel myself dumb, as I didn´t realize this solution, hehehe

Thanks, again.

You’re welcome!


there is a handy feature in the Track To Contraint that I discovered recently:
When you tick the “Target Z” checkbox, the banking of your constraint object is controlled by the orientation of the z-axis of your target-empty. So no extra empty needed :slight_smile:




Hi Markus. In my setup:

To: -Z
Up: Y

Checking “Target Z” didin´t work. :frowning:

Hi Leandro,

here`s a small video:


Thanks, Markus! I was rotating the camera, instead of the target. :slight_smile: