Track To bug/problem.

I am using ‘track to’ to have an object turn around and face another object. I have time set to about 8. When the object tries to turn around, it can’st decide which way to turn. So, the object varies between which way to turn about every 60th of a second, which is unnaceptable.

Using blender 2.41, btw.

Can someone help me?

Ha, that sounds like it would be a pretty funny looking bug, with the object spinning both directions not knowing which way to turn; yet a very annoying one to deal with. Does it work correctly with no delay or less delay? Sumo or Bullet? (I’m not sure if the physics system even matters)

yeash, the object just about goes insane. It works with no delay, but the delay is kinda neccesary…

I had this problem with the waypoint script. This happened when the track to actuator was tracking an unknown object (lost the name of the target).

Are you sing python to set the target?
Is the object to be tracked on another layer?

No, and no. th object is sitting right there. It can’t decide which way to turn around…

Hi clonedad

I have had a similar problem whenever the “tracker” was 180 degrees facing away from the “trackee” the game engine would get stuck in a loop, as you said, It would go one way, give up, go the other etc . Can you decrease the time a bit so it swings round to under 90 degrees in one go then it will track true again (I think)

The game I had this problem in was bugs in a cage chasing food so the bug would end up hitting the wall and bouncing back so it wasn’t a big issue.

Good Luck

this would happen worse when the target was not moving. can you make the the target move around a bit?


You are right that seems to be a bug. I also saw that the trackto actuator let the object rotate the long way from time to time. I do not know why. Because this looks awfull for actors to turn 270 degrees and not 90 degrees, I desided to write an own trackto script (2D only).

It might be that your trackto actuator want to do the same thing but decides always to rotate the long way. Which results in pointing the wrong direction.

Unfortunatly I have no easy solution for you. I can provide you with my script, but it has some restrictions.