Track to Constraint Changes Camera Angle

I’ve got a simple pan around a logo. I’ve got the empty placed where I want it for the first frame, but every time I track it to the camera, the camera rotates into a locked position that I don’t want. It doesn’t just center the camera on the empty, it rotates the camera as well (I’ve attached the blend so you can try it and see if you have the same results and can see what I mean). How do I constrain it without changing the rotation?
Yaway Logo 01.04.blend (472 KB)

The “Follow Path” constraint isn’t enough. Add a “Track To” constraint to the camera.

Target: Empty
To: -Z
Up: Y

Now, you can even animate the empty if you want, the camera won’t rotate… well, at least not sideways.

Reminder: The “Track To” must be after the “Follow Path” because of the way Blender stacks the constraints.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the Track To constraint is kind-of broken. If you try to get too complex in the way you use it (your example isn’t, so no worries for now) it’ll get all hickey on you. Yes. That’s a technical term. :slight_smile:

For cases where Track To just won’t do the job, use Damped Track instead. It does the same thing with more accuracy.

Thanks, guys; that makes sense. I just now found where I can edit those parameters in the “Add Constraint” pane.

LOL! Yep… gotta watch them Hickey’s…