Track to, doesnt work...

Hi! Im triying to use track to to make a character follow other character, but the track to, just makes the character spin around the tracking character, and keeps a unreasonable distance (to far), i maked a new blend, and it worked perfectly… So why it doesnt work on a file and does in another! Cant post a blend file, because i have no rights over it and i signed a non disclosure agreement of it. Im looking to see if anyone has experimented this kind of trouble, or if know why could this be.
Thanks in advance.

Are you using 2.63? Apparently there have been some bugs with it, but I am not sure if this is one of them… Try it in 2.62 and see if the problem persists.

Is everything at a scale of 1? (ALT+S)
Try using Convex Hull or Triangular Mesh.

These are just suggestions, I’m just completely guessing. You could simplify the current blend and only keep what’s needed.