Track to for armature's bone in BGE

i need that the arms and the head of my character track to target crosshair, in Blender Render this is very easy, but in BGE the constraint actuator -edit obj,track to- keep entire armature as owner and not single bones.

how i can track only some bones to an objt in BGE?

i’m a bit noob in bge.
every suggestion is gold for me.

always------and-----run armature

(first off)

and second off,

add a bone and set the IK to track it, and do copy location constraint, and target the cross hair, :smiley:


Should work:yes:

I think that he just was not running his armature,

Maybe he wasn’t

and if the constraint works in the view-port… he probably was not running the armature…

i didnt knew that actuator XD

thank you so much!

new problem : now i canT do the Action actuator! i have to set something? i tryed every options inside the actuator brick, but the idle neither start!!!

solved_ my PoseLib_libraries have names too similar XD