Track to Nearest with a Value?

Is there a way to configure nodes / or use a script to make something track to the nearest target with that value?
Say theres a zombie and 2 people, zombie must kill the closer person with value People

Yes, there is. Have a look at my signature (libraries). Look for “S2A”.

I set my scene up the same way yours was set up but it isn’t working. All I need is a box and 2 other boxes, and that box must target the other closest box lol its so hard

The python controller, just sets up the object at the actuator.
You need to activate the actuator with an additional And controller.

This is to separate the logic to configure the actuator from the logic to activate/deactivate the actuator. For example you might want to deactivate tracking for a specific time (e.g. Weapon reload) and still detect and set the nearest enemy.