Track To Problem

Alright, so, my problem is when making a Track To (to make enemies chase you)
the object does not move. Here is what I’ve added:

Sensor Contrlr Acturator:

Near - And - EditObject(trackto)

I added the property & Object, and made a 15.000-18.000 distance for tracking.
What could’ve gone wrong? :confused:

is the object an actor? (physics buttons)
the near sensor works only if actor is activated.

It is an actor, I can’t send the file through this site, theres always an error…
so I can’t upload it.

Use PasteAll. Try setting the frequency to one and double check everything.

of course the object which should be detected must be an actor, not the one carrying the sensor. is this the case?

They’re both actors, can I send you the blend through e-mail? (Because I can’t upload it here)

Here is a simple blend to show the usage of track to. Simply press the right cursor key to move Monkey across the floor- the cube will automatically track to the simian.


Track_to_example.blend (468 KB)

I see, but what I’m trying to do is make it come after you when you are near it. I managed it in another game, but when I redo the steps, nothing happens in this one. Maybe it is a problem with the object, cause it is a human, but if I make a cube, it works.

Here is an update:

Again press —> to move Monkey. The cube is trained to eat brains, and will home in on the Monkey if it gets too near. If the monkey escapes outside the detection area of the cube the cube stops.


Track_to_example 2.blend (468 KB)

That’s brilliant, Rubbernuke! :slight_smile:

I solved this problem, everyone! I used the player cube in another one of my games and parented it into the player in the current game.
Now the enemies follow at a decent speed, and at a distance, they stop. When you shoot them, a couple of smaller cubes take its place, as if it is guts of limbs. Thank you everyone for your effort. :smiley: