"track to" problems

hi, im making a game with the simple AI type, wich is the “track to” one.
but theres a problem, the enemies in my games walkes backwards, moonwalking while tracking to an object, is there a way to reverse this/flip it?

Yes. Objects always track on the positive Y axis, so simply change your axis type to “global” and rotate the character so it points down the +y axis. Then hit ctrl-a and select apply scale and rotation. Then you can rotate your character in any direction you want.

that didnt really work, it just messed things up, and there still “moonwalking”
any other suggestion?

go in edit mode select all and rotate them 180 degrees :slight_smile:

ive tried that, theres no change, exept for that it messes up some things…
the enemies are a armature and a mesh.
so theres some thing that might be different than just one of these, i dont know…

For me I just go into edit and rotate the armature and the mesh. You can also change the axis that the ray tracks. Go into the transformtab and enable the axis to see where you want it to track. If none of this works upload either your file or script.

I also wrote an ai tutorial.

Wow I’m typing a lot on the iPhone. Lol

ok, i have no idea what to do so heres the file: http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=008eb4fe881fc3e3d2db6fb9a8902bda
just wanna tell you, its very buggy, and of course its just a WIP file, so no complains about that, mkey?

It doesn’t work. Just upload it to Rapidshare.com, since no more than 10 people need to download.

Heh, hey Mr. Mackey.

ok, here it is from rapidshare: http://rapidshare.com/files/172812095/The_cure.blend.html
btw, the game name is “The cure” you might figure out why, but i dont think so…
i’ll post about this game in the WIP section some day=)