Track-to Problems

Hi all,

Well, I’m working on a turret which uses empties. These empties track-to an empty called “Turret_Target”. Everything is ultimately parented to the base of the turret. Everything is fine when the turret is facing up. It pivots and tracks to Turret_Target with no problem. Results here:

A problem arises, however, when I actually put the turret on the ship. This calls for rotating the base at various angles to sit flush with the hull of the ship. The problem is when the “Up” axis on the constraint is no longer Z, but X. No problem, I change it to X and the turret, though a little broken, still functions ok.

So I flip it to the other side of the ship. Now up is -X, but there’s no way to put -X into the Up parameter. So the turret faces the opposite way, always to the back of the ship instead of forward, and it never tracks to Turret_Target correctly. =(


Perhaps I’m going about this all the wrong way, and there’s an easier way to get these silly turrets to work. Perhaps with armatures? Whatever the case, I’d appreciate some help. Thanks! =)


Surprised no one’s answered… Luv the spaceship thread, good work there!!

To be honest, I’d have to see the thing to see the axis, which way they are pointing, etc… Kind of hard to know what’s going on from just descriptions. Personally I prefer armatures whenever I can use, but that’s probably just a hang over from the 2.49 days. Back then, this sort of thing with just empties meant you had to deal with ipo curves, where as armatures meant you worked in the action editor.

I know you’ve spent alot of time on this, so you could just append the turrets & all empties into a new file, post it someplace and pm me with a link, I’ll look it over…