Track-To with Constraints - Additional Unwanted Rotation problem


So I have a problem while trying to get an object to track to an empty. This empty is orbiting the object that is tracking said empty. The problem comes up when the empty is near right-angles. The object rotates on its own axis. I can’t seem to find a combination of constraints that allows for proper orbit while removing this temporary additional rotation.

In the larger project, what I am trying to do is link a simple ‘Lego’ to two tracked points on a person doing flips on a trampoline. The points are tracked from the side at 90°. A very simple track. The animation from the track looks great and natural, but the ‘Lego’ rotates in an unwanted direction when the two tracked points are at near-90° angles.

Thank you in advance.


Might want to post the file, can’t really tell what your object’s axis are from the pictures…


All you need is Damp Track constraint to do what you are trying to do. Why are you using 4 constraints? Just use Damp Track constraint.

All that constraints must be causing Gimbal lock of some kind. Try using Quaternion rotation setting.

Thank you both, Ridix and Revolt_Randy.

I tried only the damped track. No avail
I tried a combination of Quaternion and damped/track to. No avail.

Ah. Finally. The solution is to check “Target Z” within the Track-To constraint.

Thank you two for your help.