Track to with x axis

Well, I’ve got a question that’s been boggling my mind, so I thought I would bring it here.

I am using the “track to” actuator to make my monster face certain objects (pathing nodes or the player). Is there a way to make the monster face the tracked object with its x-axis rather than its y-axis?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I think its an option in the “Track To” menu. other than that parent it to an empty rotated 90 degrees. let the empty track to.

I think there’s a setting in the logic brick in which you choose the axis. Alternatively, you could rotate the monster until the Y axis (or whatever axis currently tracks) is ligned up with the global X axis, then apply rotation (ctrl-a) you’ll probably have to fix rotation on the armature if there is one, and change values in any motion actuators, if they’re set to local.

If neither of those do it, in python there’s a command called own.alignAxisToVect(vector, axis)
plug the target’s position minus the monster’s position into vector, and ‘1’ into axis. You may have to use
own.alignAxisToVect([0,0,1],2) after, if the monster has trouble keeping upright.
If you don’t know/want to learn python, I can whip up a simple script, but I’ll probably need to know more about the monster’s setup first.

At the moment I’m a bit too tired to make much sense, but I hope that helped at least a little. XP

merry xmass~