Trackball acting like turntable

I have been working on a character which is going to be in my first animation. I have been messing with blender for quite a while now and I’ve grown accustomed to using the trackball system instead of the turntable option, but for some unknown reason ( I might have pressed something I shouldnt have or something else happened) the trackball system doesnt work even if I have it on in the user preferences. I would love to hear any suggestions on how to solve this problem, as it is irritating me endlessly. I would love to give you the file in question, but after numerous failed attempts, I have given up on that part.

“Turntable” is the default under “Orbit Style”, “Free” and “Trackball” are the defaults under NDOF device… they should be blue. You can use the period key on your Numpad to rotate around the selected object/objects (or vertex/vertices).

I did experience just now, when testing the default scene, that when switching to “Trackball Orbit Style” and rotating around an object so the grid is almost vertical, and then switching back to “Turntable”, you can no longer get the view to right itself, it’s always cock-eyed in that vertical position, until you press Numpad 0 (or any other number) to enter a distinct view, then afterwards rotating will be normal.