Trackball and concept

this is my track ball model, hope you all like it!!!

great render. I think you overdid it a little with the focal blur, but that can be fixed. Right…?
Umm…Isn’t that trackball a little hard to use? Or is it just me?

not bad! you definately kept the scene simple, which is sometimes a good thing…i like to do that a lot, keep the scenes uncluttered, focussing on the subject. oh, and turn down the dof. %|

Minimalistic, cOOl :wink:

actually the dof is not what you are seeing, it’s the anti noise plugin that blurs the image.

thanks for the comments!!

and yes that trackball would be hard to use :stuck_out_tongue: lol

Great render. But you should REALLY turn down he DOF (or maybe it’s my bad eye sight, i guess i need YAPOG [yet another pair of glasses] :P)

looking at that concept drawing, you didn’t quite manage to model it the way you designed it :slight_smile: there some sort of cow-rabbit on the right, and couple of eye balls…but I dont see them anywhere on the scene though :slight_smile:

trackball object is nice. little rough on the bottom corners.
the pencil is a bit too long and thin.
and, it could use one spot or softlamp or something to add highlight.

anyways, nice and calm overall.


hehe, i’m terrible at drawing!!! those are actually logo designs for the blender3 logo lol!!

i also have bad handwriting, thats prolly why you couldn’t read the thing at the top that saysblender3.0 logo lol.


im going to update with a new pic this afternoon, dof off, and some editing of the very funky antinoise plugin which can cause bluriness.