Trackball and turntrable orbit style are different?

My memory is that when using trackball style to orbit while trying make my hand only move horizontally, the slight vertical motion of my hand would rotate along the 3 axis and I would end up with a different orbit than I was trying to do.

Today, with 3.3.2rc I see no difference between turntable and trackball.

With both, if I start in front view then move the mouse from top-left to bottom right, the view orbits around the 3 axis, in what looks like the same way, to me. What am I missing?

They still seem quite different to me, maybe test it again?

If you drag MMB from upper-left to lower-right, does it orbit all 3 axis? It does for me in both turntable and trackball style.

in turntable mode, it locks the z axis so it is always upright.

So I have read. Yet, it is demonstrably not true. For example, if you drag MMB from upper-left etc.

I tried both and got different results. Are you using factory default controls?

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Aside from orbit style, I am using emulate numpad and I’ve changed frame selected to ‘.’.

I see a difference in how fast the orbit happens, but with either, if I drag from middle to upper-left, the view of the mesh goes from front to bottom, i.e. it orbits all 3 axis (does not lock the z axis).

I suspect the difference that I see is about orbit sensitivity.

I think there may be some confusion about how turntable mode locks the z axis

Check out this video:

You can see that in turntable mode, it doesn’t prevent you from looking at the bottom of an object, it just keeps the z axis upright, relative to the viewport.

The blue circles on the axis indicator are always inline vertically:

But in trackball mode, the z axis can be in any orientation:

Hope that clears things up a bit

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Thanks. The video is private so I can’t see it. But the description makes sense.

Weirdly, in both styles, the gizmo’s z axis points down when I orbit such that you can see the back of the mesh, upside down.

sorry about that, video should be live now

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Ok. I understand now. The z axis transforms vertically, in turntable style. Thanks!

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