Trackball for use with laptop

Hi everyone,

I would love to use Blender while commuting by train but the interface is just awful to use via touchpad, even with 3 button emulation.

I’ve been wondering, would this work?

It’s got all the buttons of a regular mouse but the trackball makes it possible to use it on a small surface.

Of course it will take some getting used to, but are there other downsides I’m not thinking of?

I used a trackball … probably 20 years ago, even gaming. overall good for your wrist, but then your thumb will get a hell of an exercise :slight_smile:

Still that is a really good idea when having limited space.

Can’t think of any downside (outside of the thumb getting tired at the beginning till it gets used to that much motion) Still as you said this is during commuting so not a long period.

There is another Logitech trackball that was recently released. a bit more expensive but also has a 30 degree tilt on it, giving you more ergonomics

Thanks for the reply! Sounds good. Seeing the new Logitech trackball was actually what gave me the idea. :smiley: But that is way too expensive. I already don’t know if around 50 euros are worth the time I will actually use it.

Definitely thinking of buying one now. :slight_smile: