Tracked logo doesnt show in rendered video?

Hi, I am very new to Blender so this might be a simple fix question.

I am trying to track a logo for a video i am making using the 2D Plane Tracking. I have watched a couple of tutorials and everything seems right. But when i click “Animation” (or “Render”) in the render dropdown, it simply does not show the Logo i tracked into the video. Any ideas?

I have seen a couple of people talking about disabling “raytracing”, but to no avail.

I took two screenshots of blender: First one is Displaying the Node Editor (where i think the problem is). And the second is showing the preview of the window after the animation render (as you can see, my logo is not above the grill like it is in the node editor). If you want to see any screenshots of the render settings or anything else for that matter,just let me know and ill be happy to post another screenshot on here.

I am not sure from this images what the problem is. Maybe its the scale node or something else.

Could you upload a blend file?

Take care.

Blender’s render sequence is 3D viewport camera -> Nodes -> Video Editor.

Is the background video sequence loaded in the Video Editor? If so, either remove it, or uncheck ‘Sequencer’ on the ‘Post Processing’ tab.

Yep Unchecking the Sequencer solved it. Thank you so much!!! Btw when you say background video sequence, are you talking about the background layer? Like i said, very new to all this. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help again!