Tracked Vehicle Rotation After Movement

(Austin Panzer) #1

That’s my test animation that I made however it has an issue, the rotation works properly at first but after about 45* the right one no longer goes forward and instead goes backwards like the left track. When the tank is rotating the right is supposed to move forward and the left one backwards. It works correctly until I move the tank away from the starting point first, then some issues present themselves that I cannot figure out. Anyone know the problem?

I have them rigged like so
var with a Local space Y axis for movement, both are negative. + Var2 multiplied by 2 with a world space Z axis for rotation, the right one being negative.

(ajcdfin) #2

Hey, This issue has come up here several/many times, search this forum. But the bottom line is using a location to drive a rotation is always going to have an unwanted behavior in Blender. I personally have spent hundreds of hours on this issue. So my advise is to use Clockmenders method which involves a path or create track actions (action editor) and use them for rotation animations. Going foward (movement) and spinning in place you will be ok with the way you have set up now.