Tracker or similar software needed.


I really like how easy I can edit sound with a tracker. Since I’m not skilled enough to just use a keyboard, I have to rely on manual input.

I need the ability of making a decent soundtrack for some videos. They serve as a showcase for a bigger blender project.

So far I have fooled around with Hydrogen, Mad Tracker 2 and Modplug Tracker. Mad and mpt don’t seem to support mixing patterns and Hydrogen is limited when it comes to instruments since it’s intended as a drum sequencer.

So, is there a software with the following features that I haven’t found yet?

  • Notes are easy to input and edit (like hydrogen)
  • More than one pattern at the same time (like hydrogen)
  • Ideally runs on Windows and Linux
  • Can make use of Vst plugins
  • Since the budget needs some loving care: It’s free.


it doesn’t fulfill all your needs but sure is a nice soft (free on windows) :

^^^ +1 for Caustic. It has a very intuitive graphic interface and includes many virtual machines (eg beatbox, 6 synths, Hammond organ!) by default. The free version is full-featured on Windows. There is also a Caustic app for Android but the free demo will not save or export your compositions.

easy interface,opensource professional quality- LMMS

Thanks for all the replies!

That’s actually what I tested for the last few days. Some quirks in the interface, especially without a big monitor, but it produces sound (if you manually enter the device name correctly in the settings). That’s what I need.

Didn’t have internet since I asked, so I couldn’t check caustic. But I will now.

Thank you for mentioning caustic. It’s a cool tool. Especially the vocoder is fun. Ok, the musical aspect of my projects is covered.