Tracking 10 real heads to 10 3d bodies in a month?

I was recently approached to make a 1 minute animation in one month of about 10 people dancing. I would have to use the footage (which was nicely shot in front of a green screen) of a real head and place it on a 3d body. I know my way around Blender pretty well but I never have really gotten into tracking, I’ve seen some videos and understand some of it (and am a quick learner) but do you think that it is too difficult to learn as I go (for people who have been doing it for a while)? Is that how I would go about creating something like this or is there another way? I would have to do 10 of them, would I still need markers if I’m just adding the body to the heads? There will also be different scenes. Any input would help. I don’t want to accept the offer if it’s not a reasonable amount of time to learn and finish the project. Also, are there any tuts that show anything close to this out there?


If you have just the heads in front of a greenscreen maybe you could just stabilize the heads and then place them on billboards and place them directly on top of your characters? And then see in the comp how to best integrate the two elements. Without knowing what exactly your footage looks like and what the requirements for the rest is it is a little hard to tell what is feasible.

How would you deal with matching head rotation?