Tracking 120fps footage in 2.78c; caches, track lengths, hangs and crashes


I have a 6 minute gopro .mp4 footage at 120 frames per second that I would like to composite a few simple objects into. Roughly this makes 50k frames in the timeline in about 2GB.

Computer is a solid quadcore, with Quadro K2200 and 8GB RAM.

This is my first time compositing something into video so simply put I do not know anything about what the tracker is capable of. So far what I did was load video, Ctrl-click on a suitable feature in the clip and press track forward. Very often Blender just crashed. A few times it didn’t and this is what I noticed:

  1. The tracking line disappears after a certain amount of frames;
  • are the tracked frames still tracked or is the information lost? If so can I extend the track length?
  1. Eventually I thought maybe I need to cache the clip before tracking;
  • pressed Alt-A, waited, noticed that the bright-blue part of clip disappears after a certain amount of frames - not the entire clip was cached… if that is it. Does this have any bearing and again, can I extend cache size?
  1. Why would Blender be crashing here? Could it be high fps, file size, maybe it’s the mp4, or does this happen often?


Make a proxy in the MCE (Movie Clip Editor), if the frames are large (4K size) then perhaps Blender is cacheing to many frames? Anyway making a proxy should alleviate memory pressure and eliminate codec issues.

It still crashes. I don’t think it has anything to do with memory. I made a screencast but all you see is me deleting some track points, select the one left over and clicking annalyze bu----… so I won’t bother uploading it. The footage is full HD, not 4K too. If it means anything the screencast ends with a png that is malformed - Blender can’t open it properly but windows photo viewer shows it as the top fifth of the screen. To me this means that the program didn’t stop writing before it closed but rather closed in the middle of writing.

It feels same as the glsl button select that crashed if you tried to select something in a scene with too many vertices. Well, at least it crashes in less than a second and doesn’t block the system for 5 minutes before crashing anyway.

Actually, is it possible that the Python or C++ libraries would be the cause of the problem? Meaning that updating the libraries - which work fine would fix this? I don’t want to start updating my libraries blindly.