This is my first topic and I am kind of new to the blender game engine. I have a couple of doubts:

-Is it possible for a “player” aim automaticaly to objects or enemies, like the “track to” constraint?

For example, let’s say that I am building a game and the player is a tank controlled by the keyboard, but the turret is controlled automaticaly, using a radar for the nearest object and tracking automatically to it.

  • Is it possible to do a game like GTA, where you control the direction the player is moving through mouse movements and you have a third person view?

I’ve seen a game called “last frontier” that you can control the direction with the mouse, but you don’t see the player, like in a third person game. How can I do that?
Where can I find the FPS script ? Is it all that I need?

Hello and welcome to Elysiun! :smiley:

I’m not exactly a GE (game engine) expert, but I think everything you just mentioned needs Python scripts. I have never seen a Blender GE game with auto lock shooting. But there are several scripts floating around the forums which will allow you to move with, say, arrow keys and aim with the mouse. I’d bet someone could write a script for auto targeting.

No it doesn’t need python.


It is very possible to make a turret track to somthing, but i am not sure how you would get it to track to the nearest target…

Yeah, getting it to track to the nearest would be hard, I wish the track to could track to properties instead :frowning:

You could also do a thing with difficulty setting by changing the time setting, the higher it is, the easier the settings :slight_smile: although you wouldn’t be able to change it in game, unless your switching to a different scene.

I got the same problem. I want to use the mouse to move my character. I tried the FPS script for the camera. But i still dont know how to make a link between the direction, die camera is pointing to and the movements of my character. It should be 1st person view. But 3rd perspon i need, too für later…

So how do i do that?

Hi, thanks for the reply.

Where can I find one of those scripts?
Also, do you know when the armatures will be back at the GE?

If you do a search for “fps script” and put “z3r0 d” in the author field you will probably find his. That’s the one I use. About armatures, if you look at the thread about GE Blender Update in this forum, you should find it.