Tracking Blender use


Wakoopa is a cool initative to track the use of software. Lets track our blender usage!

Wakoopa Blender page:
And I made a team for blenderartists:

am i the only one who thinks this is useless?
“What do you use?
Wakoopa tracks what kind of software or games you use, and lets you create your own software profile. Ready for you to share with the world. Why? Because what you use on your desktop is who you are!”

Am I the only one who thinks gaalgergely’s comment was as useless as my own is?

nope, not at all… :smiley:

I pity you fool! Those people that created this site are Dutch! You know what that means?? Yes, it’s 100% Blender quality!
Do not ever doubt the ideas of the Dutch! Especially not if they’re wearing vroooommm jackets! :ba:

I’m not going to waste my time on it though, even though I’m Dutch :eyebrowlift:

You only need 1 minute to set it up.

its a kinda pointless software really, just lags down the pc with more processes

the site id, indeed rather pointless, to me… im on linux… :stuck_out_tongue:

the only thing i could do blender related there was join the blender artists team! :smiley:

Well the software works . . . if it’s any consolation.

Yes, but as others pointed out, what’s the use of it?

To give away valuable information about yourself and get nothing in return :smiley:

For those kind of days when we can’t stop sharing information about ourselves on the web just to boost our ego/get into the club.

Interesting idea of an application though.

Hmm, you could make it sound a bit more positive by saying something like “to let the world know about the existence of your very own unique personality and the special choice of programs associated with that uniqueness”.

Now that would convince me to spend my time on it, because it makes me feel special, even though I would just be another sheep.