tracking Camera Data settings for a Samsung HMX-H304 camcorder?


Purchased the “Track, Match, Blend” training DVD and it’s great. Need to set the camera data settings for my specific video camera. Would greatly appreciate any tips/suggestions on setting the proper Camera Data settings for a Samsung HMX-H304 camcorder.

I’ve tried using or converting the Samsung info, but it seems to make the camera tracking solve error worse than simply using the default Blender camera data settings. The default Blender settings are very differnt from the Samsung information which suggests the Samsung documentation is incorrect, or more likely; I am not converting/using the information correctly.

The information available from Samsung…

Excerpt from Samsung’s site about the HMX-H304
Focal Length: 2.47mm - 74.1mm (35mm conversion 38 - 1,144mm)
F Value: 1.8
Optical Zoom 30x
digital zoom 300x
Lens Type: Schneider Kreuznach Varioplan HD lens
Sensor Type: BSI CMOS
Sensor Size: 1/4" (effective size 1/6.3")
No. of pixels: 5M (effective pixel: 1.76M)

…does not clearly convert into the following Blender Camera Data fields…

Focal Length:
Sensor Width:
Sensor Pixel Aspect Ratio:
Optical Center:
Lens Distortion: K1, K2, K3

Interesting: The values provided by Samsung are nowhere near the Default, Cannon, or Nikkon values included with Blender. Yes, the Samsung is a different camera, but could the measurements be THAT different?

The test/training footage was shot in 720/60p with Super Fine [sic] quality. I shot the footage specifically for follow-along use with the “Track, Match, Blend” training DVD camera tracking tutorial so it has (I think) good markers, steady movement, enough perspective shift, etc… Camera was fully zoomed out (no zoom).

Thanks in advance for any assistance! :slight_smile:

Focal length - from your data its 2.47 - 74.1mm. As this is a zoom lens only you know what zoom length you used when the footage was shot. It is impossible for anyone to tell you what you used.
Convert your sensor size to its width here You could also just use 35mm equivaments
Optical Centre and Lens distortion - just watch the DVD you mentioned

the Samsung is a different camera, but could the measurements be THAT different?
Yes. There will be large differences between consumer camcorders and DSLRs