Tracking camera + text

Hey guys,

I’m pretty stumped here, I have a game where my camera tracks to a player who is running around a house, I need to have text which can be seen, sort of like a HUD giving directions and updates, however when the camera moves the text leaves the screen, any idea how to overcome this?
Thanks for the help as always!

Have you tried parenting the text to the camera?

Select the text, then hold shift and select the camera. Then hold CTRL and hit P, then hit Enter when the little dialogue pops up. That should help.

Hey I tried that, the text is too blurry however, I saw a post by Monster on possible making the text larger and then increasing the distance between it and the camera, however as my game is in a house, this really isn’t possible. Any other methods to get around this?

Overlay scene?

I’ve never tried that VegetableJuice, could you point me in the right direction of finding out how to do this?

Have you tried making the text smaller and closer to the camera? An overlay scene isn’t always necessary, especially if it is going to cause issues. Try making the camera clipping distance for Near really small (like 0.01), then scale down the HUD elements, move them closer to the camera and parent them to the camera. If the text is too blurry, you can always change the text resolution using Python quite easily (assuming you are using Text, not a bitmap font).

Basically it will overlay (as the name suggests) the other scene’s view from it’s camera over your view or your camera.


hud.blend (503 KB)

Thanks for the help guys! the HUD overlay solved my problem perfectly