Tracking camera to a path

I have a simpe animation scene with a camera tracked to a path, but the motion of camera is too fast, it completes the path always in 100 frames. I’ve set pathlenght to a higher level but that doesn’t help. How can I fix this?

ps. Sorry my bad english… :wink:

Select the curve and open the IPO window and choose ‘Path’ from the drop down, may be on ‘Object’ by default, least mine is. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ctrl+Click at the frame you want the camera to start following, make sure Vertex Y: is at 0. Then Ctrl+Click again at the frame you want the camera to complete the path, only this time make sure Vertex Y: is at 1.

Make sense?

Edit: May also be useful to know that you can cause the camera to pause on the path by straightening out the IPO curve somewhere.

Example: First IPO vertex is X:1, Y:0, so the camera starts following the path at frame 1. Second IPO vertex is X:25, Y:.5. Third vertex is X:75, Y:.5. This causes the camera to stop half way through the path for 50 frames. Last vertex X:100, Y:1, which causes the camera to complete the path over 25 frames.

Maybe that’s confusing, heh.

There’s a tracking tutorial at It’s neat and it has got an example .blend.

Thanks! Elysiun is a great forum, you can get help very quickly. :smiley: