Tracking help needed!!!

Hi guys

Im part of a team at college where we are making a game using the blender game engine. Its a ship to ship combat game much like Sid Meier’s Pirates! or Age of Pirates/Pirates of the Caribbean.

Basically we are setting up the gameplay so that a ships turrets will track (or follow) the direction of the mouse (which will be used as a targeting icon very much like in Mechwarrior combat system). Actually the Mechwarrior example is very much spot on in the way we want to implement it except using ships with turrets.

I’m wanting to know how I can set up a turret to follow the direction of the mouse so that when I have the mouse over the enemy ship the turrets are gonna face the enemy ship.

Much help would be greatly appreciated

Use an edit object, trackto actuator.

I think he wants something like FPS controls…

Oh. Well, Herman wrote a really good rotation tutorial so you could do a search for that. I don’t do much FPS stuff. Otherwise, you could use a mouse over object for targeting and then use the trackto on the object.

It will be a third person point of view but the controls will be similar to the way mechwarrior works

Thanks for the feedback. I’ve been trying to search for a tutorial on that TrackToActuator but no luck yet

Are there any links to tutorials using that TrackToActuator?