Tracking image render time

Is there a way to see how long it took to render an image without looking at your own clock? I forgot when I began my picture render… and it’s still rendering… HELP!

I’m not sure how to have it track still render’ed times, but you can make an animation with start and end frames at 1, and do an animation. then it will record the time taken

thanks… but I know about the animation… just curious about the still frames…

That is what he is saying, if you set it to render as an animation, but just have it render 1 frame, you just end up with a still image as the render. And it will also tell you how long it took to render this ‘animation’ which is really just a still image as it is only the one frame.

when it finnishes it should show up in the info header, where it says Time:00.00.00 or whatever

you need to run at 1280x1024 or higher to see that much of the info header and the menus, otherwise minimize the menus [which probably aren’t used that much anyway]

the time should stick around till you load a new file or quit or do something major

perhaps a screenshot? I don’t quite see the time…


in object mode the format is:
Ve: XX | Fa: XX | Ob:XX-XX | Mem: XX.XXM | Time:XX:XX:XX |

on most systems only half of the Mem part is visible, if you click the triangles left of the file menu you can minimize the menus and see the whole thing

why? well because while it is rendering… it shows nothing but 0 on time… and when it is done rendering… it shows the object selected where time was… right after memory and such…

okay, it is different in cvs I guess [so 2.34 will be as I describe]
[my build is 3 days old btw]

well that would explain it :expressionless:

thanks fer the info