Tracking in Realtime?

Hey folks

Is it possible to make a bone(s) track an empty in realtime in any way?

Try selecting the armature so it goes pink, then use CTRL-TAB to go into “pose mode”, turning the armature blue, then select a bone, turning it light blue. Then add a “Track To” constraint.

No i already know that. That wont work. Thanks for halping anyways.

Maybe i should have mentioned i know a few things about the armature system. I already know about the constraints buttons (button with the chain link picture). Using the technique mentioned wont work in realtime (Game Engine).

Anyone else?

In case I’m misunderstood, i’ll re-phrase the question:

Does anyone know how to make an armature bone (that is, individual bone such as an eye bone) track an object during a game so that the eyes look like its looking at an object and following its movement around the screen/environment?

I thought by “realtime” you meant it updated while you were editing things… sorry I don’t know anything about the game engine.
BTW, there is a forum called “realtime engine” that might be more helpful.

hehehe…i know theres a section here for realtime, I have been here quite a while now :slight_smile: i just thought this being a Q&A forum, this is where you’d post a question, regardless.