Tracking & Parenting

(BgDM) #1

OK. I have two questions. They are as follows:

  1. I have used Lyubomir’s Cartoon Eye tute on Blenderchar, (great tute by the way :smiley: ), and they deform great with the lattice. My problem is, I want the iris of the eye to track an empty so I can rotate the eyeball UVSphere. When I assign the Track To command to the eye to track the empty, the eye rotates so the iris points straight up and I can not rotate it back. What am I doing wrong here?

  2. How can I assign these type of eyes to my base character mesh? When I try and parent them to the base mesh, they loose the parent to the lattice and I can not deform them. Also, when I parent them to the mesh, they do not rotate with the armature movement on the main body of the mesh, (i.e. when the torso rotates, the eyes stay in the start postion and do not move).

Thanks for any and all help.


(pofo) #2

First, I’m no animator so my suggestion may be crap.

for (2) couldn’t you parent empties to the character and then copy location and rotation from them?

  1. pofo

(theeth) #3
  1. Select they eyes, go to the Animation Buttons window (F7) and change the Up and Track axis (at the top on the left).

  2. Do you need to lattice to animate them? If not, apply the lattice to the mesh (I don’t remember the hotkey) and parent them to the armature (use vertex groups BEFORE parenting).


(BgDM) #4

thanks guys!


  1. thanks. will try that one. /me smacks head with a trout. shoulda thought of that one myself :wink:

  2. I would like to use the lattice for animation so I can get some better expressions with the eye movement. Will it still be possible?


(harkyman) #5

I would try pofo’s suggestion:

  1. Create empties in the middle of the eyesockets of the main model.
  2. Make those empties the OBJECT child of the armature.
  3. Set the object centers on your eyes appropriately.
  4. Make a copy location link (chain button beside the edit button) from the eyes to the empties.
  5. Make your focal target for the eyes a child of armature as well, so when your character moves/rotates/does-a-triple-backflip the eyes won’t roll into the back of it’s head.

Good luck. To make things more complicated, you could try mixing in some relative vertex keys as well. Just for fun.