tracking problems....please help!


I am doing some camera tracking in blender 2.65a and am coming across some issues… first issue is after i track and camera solve all my tracks and i get a great solve error of .105 and then i click setup tracking scene i get points behind the camera ( even after i try and set a floor, origin and X/Y axis ). Also the camera will flip upside down and no matter what i try the camera stays that way. I just dont understand how after getting a great solve error with many points in the scene how i can get issues like these. Now this doesnt happen all the time, sometimes everything works great with no problems.

If anyone could help or give suggestions that would be awesome!

Thanks! :slight_smile:

First of all, 0.105 is quite good, as it means 10% of a pixel width. But even if this value is good, that doesn’t mean the solution is good if there is not enough perspective shift to set the points in space.

A screenshot would help to know what’s going on.

Netich, i will try and get a screen shot of this example soon… have to go back and find the shot this happened with.