tracking to camera

hey guys i am making fire and i thought hey! alpha planes with animated textures! i made it so there was one of a top view and one of a side view. this looked really nice till i moved a little to the left and made it obvious that it was two d so now i had another idea but I’m not sure if it is possible yet in blender. i though to make the 2d part rotate making the 2d effect become unseen unless you get a top view on it but it would still hove the bottom view.
the question. “is it possible to make a object to rotate on its axis always facing the camera?”

Select the object, then select the camera, then CTRL+T, Track to Constraint, is that what you’re looking for?

Unfortunately that doesn’t work in the game engine. What you want to do is add an always sensor, conect it to an and controller then add an “Edit Object” actuator and set it to the “Track To” setting. Once you do that, you just have to set up which object it should track to and fill out the name of the camera.

ha ha thanks sunjay03 that completely slipped my mind for some reason :smiley:

Quandtum thanks for your help too

or just use the halo button on the texture face tab in the buttons window. (it only appears on edit mode).

That way, your plane will always be facing the camera

Really? I didnt know that one. Too bad it only tracks along the -x. Even when you adjust the anim settings it does that…weird…

Here is a blend of what I ment. It will be clearer.

Track Example.blend (137 KB)

Hope it helps. :smiley:

Yes, halos and billboards (which I think would be better for that kind of fire) are tracking along -X. But there is no problem to rotate the faces in edit mode to face along -X.

@Sunjay03, I haven’t know that it is possible to influence the trackTo Actuator with the anim settings. Cool thanks.