Tracking turret example, and how to make a texture seem huge(LINKS TO FILES NOW)

Both here (recent build required)

GM.blend shows how you can repeatedly stack the same texture and its normal map at different sizes using various blending modes to give the illusion of a massive texture. This is very good for materials like concrete, roof, and other materials that don’t heavily rely on specific patterns.

It’ll still repeat given a big enough space, but you can cover a rather decent area without losing too much clarity up close. And using them doesn’t slow down my GPU

The second (TE.blend) shows an example of a turret that moves on an IPO, with a free revolving top that tracks the player and shoots at you. The base follows the IPO the top is jointed onto the base and tracks you and pelts you with balls, WASD to move the player cube. Maybe I could even make a little game of trying to stay on something while the turret blasts away at you.

Now let’s see if anyone finds these useful.

thanks… demo’s are always usefull

I wanted to take a look, but I don’t see any files at the link.

Me neither:

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Oh, I found out I have to click the share button in my folder so I have the actual links.

Sorry about that.

I played the turret one, and I can probably use that, but I don’t want the guy that shoots to move at all, once shoot at you once you get close.

Just remove the logic and untick ‘dynamic’ for the base object to make it stay still. As for shooting once, just use a bool property and a near sensor for the top.

Thanks for the demos (and the fixed links). I’m sure the turret logic will come in handy and I will definitely experiment with your layered texture technique.